World of Cinema in La La Land Film Analysis- COURSE FIGHTER |

World of Cinema in La La Land Film Analysis- COURSE FIGHTER |

Format: MLA, typed double space, font 12.

Extension: 1½ — 2pages, NO more than that.

Film: LA LA LAND, (Damien Chazelle, 2016)

Topic: World of Cinema in La La Land

In a concise and precise reflective paper, discuss the how the world of cinema is portrayed in the film La La Land. In your response I don’t want you to write about the technical aspects of the film, but rather on all the references present in the movie related to cinema, and how these references relate to the story of the film. This movie has many references, so you should have no problems finding them. In order to support your thesis you need to provide at least 4 clear and precise examples from the movie.

Just ONE observation: be careful with using ideas from the Internet in order to avoid plagiarism. Your IDEAS should be YOURS, not somebody else’s. And if consult other sources, you need to quote properly, and create a “cited works” page (MLA format).

Remember, your paper should have an introduction—in which you state your reflexive paper’s thesis— as well as a solid conclusion.

Structure and Format of Essays

I. Introduction

An introductory paragraph should identify the topic and explain why it is historically significant. You should also present your thesis in this paragraph. Your thesis is a significant and original statement about the topic, based on critical interpretation of sources.

II. Body

In the body of your essay, you present the evidence to back your thesis. You present this evidence in a structured argument. For example, each paragraph could present a subtheme of the central argument, with topic sentences summarizing the evidence contained in each of those paragraphs. You must cite the sources of all information and ideas in your essay, and you should tell how the evidence backs your interpretation (or, if you are criticizing a source, explain why the evidence or interpretation it is faulty).

III. Conclusion

Here you state your thesis (in different words than in the introduction) and remind the reader of the evidence you have used to prove your argument.