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wireless short HW- COURSE FIGHTER | coursefighter.com

5.1. List and briefly define important factors that can be used in evaluating or comparting the various digital-to-digital encoding techniques
5.7 . What function does a modem perform?
5.10 What is QAM? Explain with examples.
5.6. Create a bit stream with 0s and 1s from your student id: Replace the numbers with 1 and leave the 0s as is. Sketch the diagram for the following encoding format.
a) NRZ-L b) NRZI c) Bipolar-AMI d) Manchester and e) Differential Manchester
5.9 The bipolar-AMI waveform representing the binary sequence 0100101011 is transmitted over a noisy channel. The received waveform is shown in Fig 5.24(page 183). Find the errors in the bit transmission and locate where they are.
5.11 Take the second half from the bit pattern from the question 5.6 If your student id ends with even number, otherwise take the first half. Encode this data using ASK, BFSK and PBSK
2.6: What is TCP/IP? Explain.
2.9 What version of IP is the prevalent today?
2.1 (a,b) From book page 64
From Figure -2.1 Protocol Architectures and Networks Assume that the numbers appearing in each computer is a port number, IP addresses are as follows Computer A: Computer B: Computer C: For the following questions, the port number is even if your student id ends with even. Otherwise, use the old number What is the address to get to C from A? What is the address to get to C from A?