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What factors influence consumers to use online streaming services?- COURSE FIGHTER | coursefighter.com


1) Identify two relevant scholarly, peer-reviewed articles for your research topic (choose one from below); and
2) Learn how to summarize the articles.

Step 1: First, pick one research topic from the list below. Note that a research topic is usually stated as a broad question.

Topic 1: What are the barriers to the adoption of self-driving cars?
Topic 2: What factors influence consumers to use online streaming services?
Topic 3: What factors drive consumers to adopt wearable fitness devices?
Topic 4: What influences consumers’ choices of organic foods?
Topic 5: What affects consumer acceptance of sharing-economy services?
Topic 6: What affect students’ decisions on taking online (vs. in-person) classes?
Topic 7: State your own topic if you do not want to choose from Topics 1-6.
Research Topic (questions): What determines the effectiveness of social media advertising?

Step 2: Identify 4-6 keywords for the research topic. You will use these keywords to conduct search using the SJSU Library database – ABI/INFORM.

Keywords for your research topic:
___________________ ____________________ _______________________ ___________________ ____________________ ______________________

Keywords: Social media advertising, Ad clicks, Online motivations, Hierarchy effect of advertising, Fan of brand, Word-of-mouth

Step 3: Find two relevant peer-reviewed articles by following a video tutorial (Finding peer- reviewed articles). Provide a summary of each article, which should cover four elements as follows:

1) research objective/purpose
2) research methods (e.g., survey, experiment, sample size, study location) 3) research findings
4) briefly explain why this particular study is relevant to your project

Note: Do NOT simply copy and paste the abstract of the article. Instead, write the summary in your own words.

Word limit: 150-200 words per summary.

Example: Zhang and Mao (2016) proposed and tested a model on the effectiveness of social media advertising with a focus on display ads. They wanted to reveal how consumers’ online motivations such as consumption and connection affect their ad clicking behavior, which in turn may affect their product evaluations and behavioral intentions. Data were collected from 613 social media users and the model was tested with structural equation modeling. Zhang and Mao (2016) found that as expected, both consumption and connection motivations drive consumers’ favorable perception of the display ad in terms of informativeness and entertainment, which leads to their ad clicking behavior. Ad clicks then positively affect consumers’ product evaluations and intentions to purchase the product and spread positive WOM about the product. Zhang and Mao (2016) study is relevant to the current project because it helps reveal the impact of online motivations on clicking display ads. It would be interesting to examine if these motivations will also affect other forms of online or social media advertising.

Step 4: Provide the reference information of each article below using the APA style. The format is:author’s last name, first name initial. (year). Article title. Journal title, volume (issue), page numbers.

Zhang, J., and Mao, E. (2016). From online motivations to ad clicks and to behavioral intentions: An empirical study of consumer response to social media advertising. Psychology & Marketing, 33(3),155-164.

Go over the checklist BEFORE you submit your IPA2:

  •  Are your articles scholarly, peer-reviewed? Note that (online) news magazines, (online) trade journals and books are NOT peer-reviewed.
  •  Are your references in the APA style?
  •  Do you use in-text citations properly, that is, using authors’ last names (year) to refer to thearticle in your summary? Do not mention the title of the article, journal title, or author’saffiliation information in your summary.
  •  Does your submission contain your work ONLY?
  •  Have you read the IPA 2 Grading Rubrics in Module A3?

The link of how to find the peer-reviewed articles: https://library.sjsu.edu/video/finding-scholarly-p…

ABI/ INFORM Database: https://search-proquest-com.libaccess.sjlibrary.or…

Search 2 jobs for marketing research positions on job-hunting websites (e.g., Monster.com and LinkedIn) and discuss the job responsibilities. Be sure to provide the job links and connect your discussion to the course concepts, such as research analyst and forecast analyst, etc in Chapter 4. you need to 1) have your original post and 2) respond to at least two classmates’ posts.