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Keep numbered and respond in 75-100 word count

Learn: Week 6 Discussion Question #1

Assess whether unions are still relevant today.

1. Unionsare importantbecause they help set the standards for education, skill levels, wages, working conditions, and quality of life for workers. Union-negotiated wages and benefits are generally superior to what non-union workers receive. Most union contracts provide far more protections than state and federal laws. The role of unions. Unions play an important role in the workplace. Some of the key roles include being able to resolve workplace issues by being a voice for employees and acting as a bargaining representative during bargaining negotiations. Aside from social pressure to join a union, some workers become union members simply because the employment contract requires them to do so. It would appear that unions serve a broad network of employee needs. One of the big reasons workers join a union is to ensure fair treatment in the workplace.

2. Ethically Dangerous Situations-When there aren’t clear and concise policies in place to ethically dangerous situations in the workplace. Upon hearing the words “ethically dangerous situations”, workplace dating comes to mind; especially with the current state of or country and the #metoo movement. Lines can become very blurred, quickly, when friendships cross the lines to more intimate companionships. It’s a slippery slope when dating in the office, because what appears to be an acceptable happy relationship could easily turn into a sexual harassment claim. There are risks associated with romantic work relationships, such as claims of sexual harassment, unfair advantages, and distractions that hindering performance. Consulting with human resource management and organizational attorneys concerning implementation of a policy, that will explicitly explain what is deemed appropriate, accountability and consequences of those who choose to engage in workplace romances, should be primary.

3. Oranizational Ethnics-When some people hear the word professionalism, they immediately think about attire and appearance presentation, but it goes beyond that. Being professional also includes organizational ethics and compliance (accountability), fostering an ethical organizational culture consists of encouraging people to conduct business with integrity. It is imperative for leadership to exhibit ethical behavior if they expect employees to do the same. Core values are principles and qualities that are of highest importance. My employer stresses the importance of its core values, some of which are create and sustain a safe and healthy life, cultivate a diverse and inclusive work culture, be active team players, treat people with respect and above all, act with integrity.

Learn: Week 6 Discussion Question #2

Determine the trade-off between good employee relations and profitability

4. Trade-off-I think if we look at this from another angle, when individuals are in an environment where they feel safe, happy and motivated, then it can translate to positive results and creates opportunities around them. In contrast, when individuals are unhappy, feel threaten or insecure, then it’s not a good a situation. Therefore, for any company, it’s in their best interest to foster or create an environment where employees feel safe, happy and motivated because, in return, they will add value towards making profits. Otherwise, when companies are just focused on making profits, then they end up creating a hostile work environment like the Foxconn situation that was referenced in Chapter 14 – Apple’s neglected to recognize their third-party supplier’s unethical and unfair labor practices because they were more focus on cheap labor and productions to increase their profits.

5.Having a staff with great relations will absolutely benefit the organization and its profitability. Ensuring the sales organization of great compensation and incentives will allow them to hit his or her targets. This means a better payout for them and increased revenue towards the bottom line.

In the past companies, I’ve worked for the reps to my knowledge were for the most part content. The organization had well-established incentive plans as well as reporting and realistic targets for them to hit. For the internal employees where their bonuses are based on how well the company does the relationship between the rep and the analyst in extremely important. That sign of trust that the reps bonuses will be calculated corrected is a big motivator.

6. Determine: The trade-off between good employee relations and profitability.

There are no trade-offs between good employee relations and profitability. There are four key areas that can help drive profitability. These are reducing costs, decreasing turnover, increasing productivity, and increasing efficiency. I just learned that if an employer approves employees to work at home, this saves the employer money and they will have less unscheduled absences from staff and Improves employee satisfaction. It also Offers access to grants and financial incentives, while encouraging staff to pursue education.