Week 3 Personality Values and Ethics Discussion – coursefighter.com

Week 3 Personality Values and Ethics Discussion – coursefighter.com

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Week 3: Personality, Values, & Ethics

Initial Post Instructions

For the initial post, respond to one of the following options:

  • Option 1: Values may be self-governing, but they do change with time. The link between personality, values, and work ethic is difficult to decipher. Your basic makeup is with you in every situation, especially in your organization. Have your values changed as you have matured, or have they stayed the same? Do you have different values than your parents or siblings? How do values affect the cohesiveness of the workplace?
  • Option 2: A student who worked for Chipotle stated: “I love the Chipotle standard that what’s best for the people (employees) is best for the company and vice versa, so I always strive to do my best.” It sounds simple, but in reality, that is a difficult culture to enact. Why do you suppose that it isn’t common in most organizations? What is difficult about the implementation of such a policy? Does everyone have the same definition of “doing your best”? Will slackers perceive their best in a different light? Can you count on most managers to model the appropriate behavior? Who supervises the managers, and how are they held accountable, not only for product, but for cultural expectations?

Must cite textbook The Art of Leadership

Chapter 6: Leadership Ethics

Chapter 7: The Role of Values and Ethics at Work

Chapter 8: Leadership Authority (read this chapter again)

Chapter 15: The Role of Personality