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week 2 assignment- COURSE FIGHTER | coursefighter.com

Week 2 Assignment: Theoretical Foundations of Crime Analysis


Complete the following two exercises. Submit both exercises in a single word document to the Week 2 Assignment dropbox in BlackBoard.

Exercise 1

Select one of the problems:

  • Assaults at college football games
  • Auto theft from movie theatre parking lots
  • Bicycle theft on a college campus
  • Burglary of single family homes
  • Disorderly youth at a fast food places
  • Drug sales at a convenience store
  • Graffiti on school buildings
  • Loud parties in a college dorm
  • Panhandling in a downtown entertainment district
  • Robbery at a convenience store
  • Theft from vehicles on a college campus

Determine the various aspects of the problem analysis triangle using the following example as a guide:

Problem Selected: Assaults in Bars with Dancing (night club)

  • Crime: Aggravated assault or simple assault
  • Potential Offender(s): Patrons of the bar, employees of the bar; more likely males
  • Potential Victim(s): Patrons of the bar, employees of the bar; more likely males
  • Place(s): Inside the bar, likely on the dance floor, in walk ways, near where drinks are served
  • Time(s): Likely at the end of the night, right before closing when people are most intoxicated
  • Potential Handler(s): Friends, spouse, bar security, bartender, wait staff
  • Potential Guardian(s): Friends, patrons in the bar, employees of the bar, video cameras
  • Potential Manager(s): Bar manager or owner, bartenders, wait staff, bar security

Exercise 2

Using the same topic selected for Exercise 1, determine the behavior and environment categories and provide an example of one crime prevention technique from EACH OF THE FIVE general situational crime prevention categories for the problem you select.You will list the problem, behavior, and environment. Then for each of the five situational crime prevention categories, you will answer the following: the general category (increase risk, increase effort, reduce rewards, reduce provocations, remove excuses); which of the five crime prevention techniques within that general category (e.g., screen exits, deny benefits), and a description of how the technique would be carried out for your specific problem. Use the book and following website http://www.popcenter.org/25techniques/.See below for an example of what the write up should look like.

Problem: Sexual Assault at Bars

Behavior and Environment: Predatory/Recreational

  • Increase risk: Extend guardianship, women do not go to the bathroom or to their cars without a friend
  • Increase effort: Deflect offenders: bathroom for women and men on opposite sides of bar
  • Reduce rewards: Deny benefits: woman says she has incurable disease
  • Reduce provocations: Reduce emotional arousal: dress code for women
  • Remove excuses: Control drugs and alcohol: do not over serve alcohol to men/women