Uses of Genetically Modified Organism Benefits and Risks Presentation –

Uses of Genetically Modified Organism Benefits and Risks Presentation –

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Hi I’m gonna need you doing a PowerPoint slides on a presentation i am doing, please keep in mind the time limit is 5-7 minutes so creat something within this time limit. the presentation is about “ What are GMO’s? Identify some of the goals and uses of GMOs, and some valid benefits and risks “

So now since you have the time limit and the what is the presentation about here are the guidelines and rubric:


You may use one or more of the following:

  • PowerPoint
  • Activity Sheet
  • Oral presentation
  • “Chalk Talk” (explanation with writing/drawings on the board)
  • An original video, song, skit, drawing or other activity
  • Something else?

The purpose is to explain a concept or topic clearly and concisely, in a way that connects to but goes beyond information in the textbook, and that students will understand and (hopefully) remember and connect to. While most topics are related to science, some are related to studying science.

You’ll work with the instructor to identify your group’s topic.If you have a great idea for a topic you’d like to do, suggest it!

You need to take care to get your information from reputable sources, such as scientific journals, newspapers and magazines with strong reputations, governmental sites and other sources that list references for all the information they discuss. You can find some tips at: and There are many other sites with good information on sources, but they are geared more toward research papers.

Rubric and grading :

Rubric – This can be used to develop your presentation, as well as to grade it. Each is worth 3 pts.

____ Completed the presentation and related materials by the assigned date

____ A document summarizing your findings and sources; this can be a PowerPoint presentation. All sources used should be listed (correct citation format not required, simply a list of websites or titles, with publishing or http information) and efforts by each member acknowledged (on a separate page, the name of each student and how they contributed to the presentation).

____ The use of only credible sources such as peer-reviewed scientific journals, science journals and newspapers of record, and information should be well documented.

____ Was clear and understandable, and Information directly pertained to the topic

____ Information was correct

____ Contained some multi-media aspect (oral, visual, etc.)

____ Completed within the time limit

____ Participated in the presentation graded individually. Note that if a student did not participate in the planning or presentation, their grade will be individually given, and may include no points for the group’s efforts.

____ Presentation wasn’t simply reading from a document or slide

Please please please be careful with this as it is very important and please don’t take this question unless you are 100% positive that you will be of value and do a great jo