University of Phoenix Psychological Statistical Research Plan Paper –

University of Phoenix Psychological Statistical Research Plan Paper –

Mathematics –


In this capstone discussion, reflect on your thought process regarding the use of parametric and nonparametric statistics in psychological research. Articulate the challenges you might face in writing a Research Plan for a quantitative dissertation. What is a research question you would study, and what statistical procedure(s) would you likely use to test your research question? How do you see this quantitative study contributing to psychological theory and in terms of practical applications?

Research problem:

The research literature on fundamental concepts for understanding diversity indicates that we know this topic has not been explored in depth because there is no published literature on this intervention type, we know diversity training programs are widely unsuccessful but we do not know why since most of the research is reactive. Current research also supports the need for effective solutions to diversity training. Since organizations are spending millions of dollars on this type of training, there needs to be a solution that produces better results.

Research method:

Compare a group of managers who complete the original training to managers who complete facilitated trainings and measure the transfer of learning.