University of Nairobi La Guardia Comic Book Analysis –

University of Nairobi La Guardia Comic Book Analysis –

Writing –

Reading 6 comic books. Then begin with a brief summary. BRIEF. Then, continue with lens analysis: using one of the lenses (or approaches) you are exposed to, analyze the text. For example, perhaps you read Batman: The Dark Knight and decide to use the psychological lens to analyze the work. You select a psychological theory (Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development, for example) and you would determine which stage each of the characters seems to be at. (Interestingly enough, even though characters are three dimensional, they are often caught up in one of the conflicts Erikson discusses in his stages of psychosocial development. Batman, for example, might be caught up in stage 1: trust vs. mistrust. He’s not an infant, but he still seems to be caught up in that conflict, as well as several others.

NOTE: I am open to other options if you have a suggestion or an alternative idea for a journal entry. Please drop me a line!


* – 1-page, double spaced per entry.

* – 1″ margins on all sides.

so there are total 6 journals. So they are 6 pages, each pages for each comic book.

Just choose any 6 comic books. Comic books need to be short and easy to understand, so it will not cost too much time for both teacher and me to reading.