University of Nairobi Delta Air Lines, Inc. Team Paper –

University of Nairobi Delta Air Lines, Inc. Team Paper –

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This is a team paper and my part is

  • What type of business of markets does the company compete in?

Our company is Delta Air Lines,Inc.

And About the competitive market, write to compare with other companies. His products, services, infrastructure hardware and software, soft cooperation, cooperation, renewal, customer advertising, etc.

And also write his competitive company, what is the place to shine, whether there is any strategy for Delta, will it pose a threat to Delta?

For example, if United Airlines cooperates with any entertainment platform, Delta does not have a basic advertising platform. Delta will not be able to grab the source of the United Airlines.

Or the increase of the route, which travel network cooperates with the route, and there are more customers.

Or what other good ideas you have can be added to it. This is just my initial idea. You don’t have to write too detailed because this is just a preliminary article, but it needs a comprehensive coverage of his competitive market.