University of MissourI IDEO Product Development Case Study Paper Analysis –

University of MissourI IDEO Product Development Case Study Paper Analysis –

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Case Study:

Thoroughly read the Case Study, “IDEO Product Development” that I attached.

    • IDEO is one of the world’s leading and most-respected new product development firms.
    • They are hired by other organizations (for example, Ford, PepsiCo, and Microsoft) to assist them with or take the lead in development of new products.
  • Highlight key pieces of the case that stand out to you as important or interesting as you read the case
  • Develop an approximately two-page paper analyzing the case. The questions I ask you have no right or wrong answer, as long as you have logically supported your position! I want to learn what you think, and the process you used to arrive at your thoughts.
  • Specifically, choose two of the following three prompts and develop a response for each. Clearly state which of the prompts you are responding to. Consider and reflect on the following points to help guide your analysis:
    • 1 – Should IDEO accept the Visor design project as the client is proposing it – which would require a major departure from IDEO’s traditional development methodology? Should they ask for more time from Handspring? Alternatively, should they simply reject the project? What would you do if the decision were yours, and why?
    • 2 – Describe, in general terms, the following aspects in IDEO. Examine the ways that each one interfaces with the other, and how they contribute to IDEO’s overall success:
      • organizational processes
      • the culture
      • management
    • 3 – On page four of the case, David Kelley says, “Failure is part of the culture. We call it enlightened trial and error.” Consider how failure is perceived within IDEO.
      • Do you think that this design philosophy – embracing of failure – could be applied successfully in most or all industries, or are there only certain types of industries or companies in which this philosophy can lead to successful outcomes?

      *(In a different page): Offer a condensed version of one of your responses to the prompts above (please don’t simply copy and paste your response from your written analysis).