University of Georgia Dewey Prescription for Success Business Ethics Discussion –

University of Georgia Dewey Prescription for Success Business Ethics Discussion –

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I need a 4 paragraph post for each Learning Activity. The sources I attach are the only ones you can use for citations. I need at least three of the sources for each post. APA Format. For in-text citations it should be, (Author, Publication Year, page number). If there is no page number just exclude it. Make sure that you really show an understanding of the concepts in each learning activity. Also, see attached for the instructor’s notes for this week. It may give you an idea of what is expected.

Theme 1: Pharmaceutical Industry

Theme 2: Products of Liability

Theme 3: Whistleblowing

Learning Activity #1

Dewey’s Prescription for Success

Dewey Cheatham is the new Vice President of Marketing for a large online search engine company, Pottstown Innovative Enterprises (AKA, PIE). Dewey has been doing some research into how he can increase the Company’s revenues and thereby really impress the Company brass. During his research he came across an article about Brazilian pharmacies looking for an advertising vehicle to tap into the U.S. consumer market. Further research reveals that this could be a billion dollar venture and if PIE plays its cards right, it could make a substantial amount of money given its extensive advertising network. Dewey is super ecstatic about the possibilities and is salivating over what this could mean for his career with PIE.

Before Dewey decides to go ahead with this, he consults with his legal department. The legal department tells Dewey the following:

1. The shipment of prescription drugs from pharmacies outside the United States to customers in the United States may violate the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and in the case of controlled prescription drugs, the Controlled Substances Act.

2. The FDA cannot ensure the safety and effectiveness of foreign prescription drugs that are not FDA-approved.

3. Imported drugs typically do not meet FDA’s labeling requirements and may not have been manufactured, stored and distributed under proper conditions; and may not have been dispensed in accordance with a valid prescription.

4. The government has historically been very lax in enforcing the laws in this area and legally there are a few gray areas; therefore, the risk of any prosecution may not be significant.

After the consultation with Legal, Dewey is confused as to what his decision should be. If you were advising Dewey on the ethical implications presented by this case, what would you say to him? Specifically, identify and discuss: the ethical dilemma Dewey faces (be certain to provide Dewey with a resolution of his ethical dilemma) and the ethical issues associated with the ethical dilemma. Identify and discuss the relevant stakeholders for the Dewey and his company.

Learning Activity # 2

Whistle-blowing: Harder Than It Looks?

R.U. Kidding, the comptroller for Rocket Man Enterprises, a government defense contractor, has a delicate ethical issue on his hands. In the course of his employment, Kidding has uncovered evidence that seems to indicate that Rocket Man has been overbilling the government for a weapons system project. Under its contract with the government, Rocket Man was supposed to calculate its hourly rate with a formula dividing charges between the more expensive work done directly in their offices and the less costly hourly labor performed by subcontractors. What Rocket Man did was simple: they billed subcontractor work at the higher in-house rate.

R.U. Kidding, realizing that the weapons system project is the lifeblood of Rocket Man, is at a loss as to what he should do with the information he has uncovered. On the one hand he feels he has a duty to bring this wrongdoing to light. After all, he reasons, there is the greater public interest and common good to consider. On the other hand, the project is so critical to the financial future of the Company that the disclosure of wrongdoing could be devastating for the Company and its employees, many of whom are R.U.’s colleagues and friends. If you were in R.U.’s shoes, what would you do and why? What specifically are the ethical dilemma and the related ethical issue for R.U.?.