Topic 8 DQ 5 –

Topic 8 DQ 5 –

Writing –

Please respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:

The evaluation of my evidence-based project will include several independent and dependent variables all related to reduction of pressure injury prevention rates.An independent variable can be controlled or changed, such as the response and feedback by staff to nursing education on pressure injury protocols.The dependent variable will be what is measured.Example of this would be how the pressure injury rate is decreased in the next quarter and are the staff implementing the appropriate interventions to help improve patient outcomes.There are several factors that can influence how effective the protocols are and what needs to be collected if the project is successful after implementation.

The facility is struggling with staffing.This includes high turnover rates with nursing as well as certified nursing assistants.Staff need ongoing mentoring to recognize at risk patients and to implement the appropriate interventions to improve hospital acquired pressure injuries.Current staff struggle with the appropriate knowledge regarding pressure injury prevention and formal training.Understanding their knowledge base through a pre and post-test would be helpful in determining their ability to impact incidence rates.There are many new graduates and nursing students that are not familiar with risk assessments and interventions to reduce HAPI’s. The EBP would incorporate educational material into the nurse orientation, as well as annual and ongoing education. Some of the variables that can affect the new interventions are healthcare setting (ICU units), risk and skin assessments completed accurately and implementing correct interventions for at risk patient (Nuru, Zewdu and Amsalu, 2015).


Nuru, N., Zewdu, F., Amsalu, S., (2015).Knowledge and practice of nurses towards prevention of pressure ulcer and associated factors in Gondar University Hospital, Northwest Ethiopia.BMC Nursing.Retrieved from