THEO333 Valparaiso University Jesse Jackson Black Theology Paper –

THEO333 Valparaiso University Jesse Jackson Black Theology Paper –

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You are required to do a short research paper on a focused subject matter or person that has influenced the African American religious community and experience. Within this research you must present a topic or claim that reflects the work of said subject or person and evidence that supports the topic and claim that you are making with analysis of the rationale and proof of the claim. (Example Dr. Jeremiah wright is a proponent of liberation theology because…….) let this perspective guide your paper regarding the work and history of Dr. Wright

A list of topics or persons will be offered, however you must extract from the list your topic and then support your claim with researched evidence.

Requirements: The paper must be six to eight pages long twelve font, double spaced, using APA standard writing format and protocols, providing an Abstract to explain the thesis and citations, annotated bibliography, and identifiable footnote technic. There must be at least five sources with at least 25 % hard copy evidence. (This can be negotiated depending on the subject matter.)

I would need both a rough draft with the abstracts by 6/22 and a final draft by 6/28