The Story of Creation discussion- COURSE FIGHTER |

The Story of Creation discussion- COURSE FIGHTER |


Joshua was a servant to Moses, and he was given the task as his successor. Although the second generation of Israelites came to recognize a new covenant, Joshua’s conquest was a little different. I believe Joshua’s conquest was successful for a few reasons.

Joshua is able to start anew with this generation, and actually see God’s plan unfold. Once again, God promises Joshua certain things if he will carry out the tasks God has set before him. Once God has promised not to leave him, to give the land to the people, and make him great like Moses, Joshua is ready to lead the people. Joshua is successful in his attack against Jericho, but not by his own doing. God allowed Joseph to cross the Jordan River with the people, just as Moses crossed the Red Sea. Many stories just like this one, remind me of ones we have heard before. Just like the first generation with Moses, the second generation will also sin, but the hope is they have learned through their parents strife.

I believe that Joshua’s conquest was successful, because we can see through the stories, if something bad is happening/happens to them, we can safely assume they brought it upon themselves. If God seems like he is “punishing” them, then maybe they should look at the options they were given prior to the “punishment”. I believe that God gives us boundaries, and in those boundaries, there are rules. Sometimes those rules are left up for interpretation, but sometimes they are very clear. God states very clearly, if someone has idols and brings them into the camp, they will die. I think maybe our rules are also this specific, but we no longer see them that way. We have different “idols” in today’s society.


Joshua’s conquest of the promise land was very successful. When he entered the land to spy of Jericho, he was protected in secrecy by Rahab. She spoke of how she believed in God and that Joshua would take over Jericho, in exchange for her protection, she asked Joshua to show mercy on her and her family. Joshua was successful in acquiring Jericho and kept his promise to Rahab. This act of conquest continued to be successful because the people believed in God and in him. For example, when Joshua spoke to Israel, he made it clear for everyone to not take the riches from the land, they are God’s. However, when attempting to conquer Ai, they were unsuccessful at first due to Achan taking gold and clothing for himself. According to House (2007) “When Joshua dies, he s buried in his family’s inheritance in the north…this burial particularly stresses the importance of the promised land. The land belongs to all people of faith, and it symbolized the permanence of God’s love for Israel” (pp. 100).


1. The God who created this world is also our Redeemer

This statement says that no matter what man may do, God will redeem us from our sins. Being redeemed of something means that the punishment that you should have faced, has been forgiven and paid by someone else. To Christians, that someone is Jesus Christ. The eternal punishment from sin was paid by Jesus when He took our sins upon Himself and bought us back to have an eternal relationship with Him.

2. God created, sustains, and governs this universe.

As Christians, we are taught that God is the most high God and that nothing can compare to Him. God is the ruler and creator of all living things, as John 1:1-3 states in the Bible. His word also says in Genesis 1:1 that He created all things in the very beginning, which upholds His title as both Creator and Ruler.

3. The God who created this world also reveals himself to humanity.

Christianity can be seen not as a religion, but rather a tightly bonded relationship. God made Himself known in the Old Testament to His people through the prophets He chose. In the New Testament in modern day, God can speak directly to anyone who has a relationship with His son, Jesus. As we seen in the Old and New Testament, God can be seen as a God who constantly reveals Himself to humanity.


In our “Origins” text, it discusses how Christians feel about God, the Bible and creation. In the Book of Genesis, Moses explains “The Story of Creation”.

“The Story of Creation” is explained in a seven day process. The creation story is summarized as follows: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” This is what Christians believe. Science says it all started with “The Big Bang Theory”. The Big Bang in short explains how the universe was in a dense small hot space and the pressure overcame the force and gravity began to expand. The two stories do not contradict at all.

God could have created the earth in any shape or form. God is omniscient. Physics how proven how differently time passes. A day to God can be very different from a day to us on earth. God is every where at once. He has created and continues to create. The earth is still changing and shifting, life is still growing and rocks are still forming. The reference I provided from solar center gives a great explanation as well.