the Great Awakening and Mercantile warfare, economics homework help- COURSE FIGHTER |

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the Great Awakening and Mercantile warfare, economics homework help- COURSE FIGHTER |

Of the following, choose TWO to answer in a complete and separate ESSAY for each question. Please make sure to write an essay! Each is worth 50 points. I will allow late submission up to a week after the due date, with a 21 pt. penalty. After that, no submissions will be allowed.

Note that TurnItIn will ONLY allow one file submission. Be sure to include BOTH essays in ONE word file document. You will NOTbe able to submit your essays separately.

  1. Examine the effects of the Enlightenment, the Great Awakening and Mercantile warfare on the creation of a dual American identity. How did these events prepare Americans for a rebellion against Britain in 1775 and who were the real winners and losers of the American Revolution? In your opinion, was it a conservative or a liberal revolution?

  1. Why was the year 1763 a watershed year in Western history and why were Americans so angered by the end of salutary neglect? What was the British point of view from 1763-1776 and do you think reconciliation could have been brokered before 1775?

  1. Compare and contrast the New England, Middle and Southern Colonies in British America. Be sure to include economic, religious, social, and institutional factors. In your opinion, which group of colonies was most successful? Explain your answer.

  1. How did the year 1492 change the lives of people living in Europe, American and Africa? In your opinion, was European exploration and colonization a positive or negative factor in history? Explain your answer.