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Teuer Furniture Company financial management case- COURSE FIGHTER | coursefighter.com

Written Report

Final report should be prepared with APA rules for format and documentation. Report should be around 12-15 pages in length to allow for sufficient, insightful discussion of the solutions to the posted questions/problems.

All questions should be fully answered with any supporting discussion that may be appropriate. Simply a “yes/no” answer to the posted questions is not acceptable. Quantitative questions/problems should be supported with the relevant calculations; any discussion should be supported with appropriate theoretical/practical arguments, facts and critique. You may include any tables, graphs or appendixes to your report as needed (if you add any table/graph into the report – you need to use it for a discussion and to supports any of the findings. Do not place anything into the report if you are not making any use of it). You may use solutions to the similar real-world situations that you know to support your discussion of the case, however this can be used only as a supporting tool and the main focus of your discussion should relate to the case assigned (i.e., you are allowed to go beyond the case, but main focus has to be on the case itself). Cases have varying quantitative components. Therefore, I do not expect all teams to include quantitative components in all assigned cases. If your case is explicitly asking for some calculations, you need to show your numerical analysis. Otherwise, your responses would be mostly conceptual, critical analysis and discussion.


All presentations should be prepared in PowerPoint and narrated (record voice over slides) or you may prepare your presentation in any video editor (YouTube, Windows Video etc.) – if entire team is comfortable in preparing a presentation this way. No formal criteria for the format of your presentation (number of slides, design etc.). However, good time management will be part of your grade and each team will use 12-15 minutes to narrate/present the case and your team’s solutions to the posted questions.


For written reports and presentations you may consider the following structure (do not need to do table of contents): – executive summary of the case (briefly); – problem statement and case introduction (briefly); – data analysis (if any calculations are necessary); – key decision criteria and analysis of the problems; – recommendations, proposed actions and implementation plan. This is a suggested structure that you may follow. Given specifics of your particular case you may adjust the structure of your report/presentation as you deem appropriate. –