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Test the expert Part 1 – coursefighter.com

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Report – Test the Expert Part 1



Report Test the Expert documents an experiment that you design and perform, in which the ability of a test subject to identify 2 similar products among 20 samples served in a random order is evaluated.

In week 5, you follow the instructions below.

Between weeks 5 and 9, you begin updating the working report file, the design of the experiment is completed, and the experiment is conducted. In running the experiment, one-at-a-time, each of 20 samples is served in the random order determined in part 1 to the test subject, and identified by the test subject.

In week 6 you learn how to use Excel file Statistics 250 to do statistical computations. In week 8 you learn the vocabulary and concepts involved with testing whether the test subject’s performance is good enough to discount guessing and be called an expert.

In week 9, the ability of the test subject to identify the 2 similar products is evaluated statistically and the report is completed.


1.Identify 1 “test subject” by first and last name who can say the names of the products, but cannot be you, pets, or babies .

2.Identify 2 similar food or beverage products, which cannot be easily identified by appearance, shape, or color (good example = 7 Up and Sprite, bad example = mustard and ketchup) .

3.Choose a method from Randomization Methods to randomize the order the samples will be served.

4.Describe the chosen method in your own words.

5.Using the chosen method and secret from the test subject, generate a list randomizing the order a total of 20 samples, about 10 of each of the 2 products, will be served.

6.Upload a Word file with your results of steps 1-5 to the Part 1 Assignments folder and wait for feedback. I will inform if any correction is necessary or provide direction for Part 2.