Term Paper MGT 305 Principles of MGT – coursefighter.com

Term Paper MGT 305 Principles of MGT – coursefighter.com

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You should choose a Fortune 100 company. Look at this website to choose a company:http://beta.fortune.com/fortune500/list

Your term paper should be 5 total pages. There should be 4 pages of content and page 5 should be your reference page. DO NOT include a title page. Type your name on the first page in the upper left-hand corner of the paper. (Your paper may be longer, but I do not recommend anything shorter than what is suggested.)

The paper should be in APA format, including your references.

Your paper should include, but is not limited to, the following items:

A very brief introduction of the company: brief history, background, etc. (no more than a ½ page).

The paper should discuss the following aspects of the company:





You MUST have at least one peer-reviewed reference for each of the 4 topics above. You may have as many other references as you’d like, but the 4 peer-reviewed references are required.