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Tennessee Technological University Construction Control Management Project – coursefighter.com

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This is an individual homework. Include a problem statement with each problem.

1.(9 points) Create a linear schedule for the construction of a 15-mile-long gas pipeline. Use the attached template. Maintain a time buffer of at least 1 day and space buffer of at least 2 miles between activities.



Survey & layout


Clear & grub










Signage & striping


2.(9 points) Refer to the Warehouse project in Chapter 22 that we scheduled in the computer lab. Set the project start date to the last Monday in October.Set the project baseline.The actual project start date was delayed three days for bad weather. After the late start, all activities have taken their original planned durations so the project is still three days behind schedule. Update Actual Start, Actual Finish, and % Complete for a progress report as of the 3rd Friday in November.Include a progress line. Print a Tracking Gantt chart showing the baseline and current schedules. Include an overall Warehouse, Exterior Phase, and Interior Phase summary tasks as shown in Figure 22.13. Include the columns below in your Tracking Gantt chart. Label the Gantt chart bars with Task Name on the left, % Complete on the right.

Task Name


Baseline Start

Early Start

Actual Start

% Complete

.(9 points) For the scenario in Problem 2, print an Owner’s Tabular Report similar to Figure 22.21 in the textbook. Once you enter Actual Start/Finish or % Complete into a schedule MS Project recalculates all of the Early Start/Finish and Late Start/Finish dates. This will make it look like you are on schedule when you are really behind. To set baseline to original LS/LF, delete all % complete and actual start/finish dates. Select all tasks, in Task Information set all tasks to “Start as late as possible.” Set the baseline. You can either reset the regular baseline, or set Baseline 1 so you will have both the original ES/EF baseline, and the LS/LF baseline. For the “Planned Start” and “Planned Finish” columns use Baseline or Baseline 1 depending on which way you saved it Start/Finish data fields rather than Late Start/Finish. Include a brief note to the owner explaining how you plan to get back on schedulev