Syracuse University Psychology of Sport and Exercise Discussion –

Syracuse University Psychology of Sport and Exercise Discussion –

Humanities –

Q1: Discuss the relationship between exercise and changes in mood, personality, and cognitive functioning. What are the physiological and psychological explanations (acute and chronic effects) for the ability of exercise to enhance psychological well-being?

Q2: Watch the videos. What relationships do you see to process of change? What relates to the behavior change models? Also, identify what determinants or strategies will help increase exercise adherence.


Dr. Matthew:

Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey:

Gould, Daniel and Weinberg, Robert S. (2014). Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology

(6th ed.). Champaign IL: Human Kinesthetics.

Q3: There are a variety of reasons why people choose to exercise, and there are also many reasons why people either don’t exercise or stop exercising. This activity gives you a chance to evaluate your own reasons for choosing to exercise, not exercise, or stop exercising.

1. Identify the reasons you exercise or have exercised in the past.

2. Now think of the reasons you have used for not exercising or stopping exercise in the past. List the most prevalent reasons for you.

Please write 300-350 words each question