Sport Psychology how Performers Cope Under Pressure –

Sport Psychology how Performers Cope Under Pressure –

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Sport Psychology

APA Formatting

Graduate level writing

Minimum of 400 words

Minimum 3 cited scholarly sources

Main sources:

Weinberg, R., & Gould, D. (2015).Foundations of sport and exercise psychology (6th ed.). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

Look at how performers cope under pressure, including, strategies to help release and control tension, and help individuals to overcome stress and anxiety. This includes, stress reduction techniques to help overcome anxiety producing situations and/or events.

Differentiate between the terms Stress, anxiety, and arousal. Describe how you could use Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Systematic Desensitization to assist an individual’s learning and performance. In your description, apply the terms detachment, learned helplessness, Composure, and explain how these concepts are relevant to this discussion.

Incorporate into and apply at least 3 idea/concepts