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Social Order Crimes- COURSE FIGHTER |

There are three categories of social-order crimes (the fourth will be covered later). The three categories that fall under the heading of offenses against public order and the administration of justice are 1) crimes against public order and safety, such as disorderly conduct and reach of peace; 2) crimes against justice and the administration of justice, such as treason and perjury; and 3) crimes against the environment, such as crimes that violate environmental laws. These social-order or public-order crimes are offenses that disturb society in such a way that the action taken is seen as invading the peace and tranquility of society.


For this assignment, assume you have been asked by your supervisor to select a public-order crime from one of the three categories that relates to your current or future position as a criminal justice professional to be distributed to your department for training purposes. Based on your selected crime, prepare a memorandum to your supervisor, responding to the following:

•Summarize a statute (federal or state, depending on the crime chosen) governing your selected crime using your state’s government Web site (ALABAMA).

•Analyze the elements required to prove a violation of the statute for your selected crime.

•Explain one case opinion that is on point for the charge associated with your selection, including the facts of the case, the ruling of the court and the basis for the ruling.

•Articulate why it is important for a criminal justice professional to understand the legal and social parameters of the statutory and case law for your selected crime when conducting an investigation.

Please DO NOT use a source that I cannot verify! Please LIST the webpage address if using any online sources. Please TITLE EACH PARAGRAPH with the bullet above, so there should be 4 paragraphs (200-300 words EACH paragraph).