Social Media Marketing Unit 312 –

Social Media Marketing Unit 312 –

Business Finance –

I am Jayden from Ohio Uni, I will pay total $7 per article for all the work through the website ti pping system at the end as always. I hope thats enough to get me quality work. Please dear support do not forward me tutors who bid high since i just mentioned i will pay as tip.

I need quality articles which are SEO optimized in the following topics to attract traffic to a website. The purpose of the content is only to showcase why company ABC is the best. I prefer someone with an IT background to handle this. I need them to assume they have an IT company they are trying to market.

1. Computer Networking

2. Web Design

3. Web Application Development (Please note this is different from #2 since it also involves database and backend)

4. CCTV installation – IP Cameras etc

5. Database Development, Optimization and Backup

6. Biometric Security Installation

7. Bulk Messaging (SMS and Emailing) Services

8. Social Media Marketing

9. Online Shops – Ecommerce

10. Computer Repair and Accessories

11.Mobile App Development

12. API Development and Integration

13. Add any other category(s) of IT work you would wish your IT company to do that is not already here – I will still pay for each addition separately.

Feel free to make subsections in the above, all i need is quality content. I might come back for you to do the website once my proffessor approves the content.

Please use the SEO checking tools to track the score of your article. eg or any other you prefer, but you must inform me which tool you chose, and indicate the score against the article title. Please note the article must be completely unique. I need at least 180 words for each of the articles.

Please note i will release all payment in a single pay from my card, even for the other writers. Give the best writer only who understand key technical terms in IT with a sweet maketing language.

Submit the first 7 articles in 8 hrs and i will add more time for the rest.

Thank you