SNHU Discussion: Autopsies as An Investigative Tool Peer Responses –

SNHU Discussion: Autopsies as An Investigative Tool Peer Responses –

Humanities –

Discuss the types of data an autopsy can provide in aiding criminal investigators. Research and identify a case where data from the autopsy aided criminal investigators in closing a case. Cite or provide a link to your resource.

In responding to your classmates’ postings, address how the autopsy data in the case cited was important in closing the case and why.



Autopsies can be a vital tool in solving crimes. An autopsies can give investigators information such as time of death, cause of death and many more. An autopsy also can narrow down the type of weapon that was used in the crime. During an autopsy the medical examiner will send out blood samples for analysis. These test will show if there are any foreign substances in the blood, ei. alcohol, drugs.

The case that I found was very interesting. It was about a 81 year old woman that was found in a barn in Indiana. At fist look it appeared to be a homicide. There was blunt force trauma to her side, clothing partially removed and bruising. After launching a full investigation and autopsy they learned that it was not a homicide but that the woman was out feeding her horses and slipped and fell. When she fell she broke her hip and the horses stepped on her to get out of the barn. The woman died of hypothermia. With out the autopsy the investigators would still be looking for a murder suspect.


n autopsy can provide investigators an almost certain cause of death. This is a very important tool for investigators because it tells them the story of how the person died. Suspect DNA from fluids and skin cells can be found during an autopsy, especially in areas like underneath fingernails indicating a struggle. The case I chose was an ex russian spy suddenly choking and dying after eating pot pie. The death was deemed suspicious because he was under FBI protection for defecting and assisting the U.S. against other Russian Spy’s. An autopsy revealed he had something lodged in his airway, which caused him to choke and die. The death was concluded to be caused by choking on food.