Short Essay: Create Media Development Chronology –

Short Essay: Create Media Development Chronology –

Business Finance –

Read chapters 3-13. As you read, create a chronology of media developments beginning with books (Chapter 3) and ending with public relations (chapter 13). For each medium, write a 3-5 sentence definition noting the start of the medium and other key developmental milestones.

Your definitions should follow these style requirements:

  • Boldface medium type (e.g. Books, Internet, etc.)
  • Double space each definition
  • The first line will be hanging indentation on the left margin. All subsequent lines will be indented 1 inch to the right.
  • Follow APA citation format for quoting your source.

Note: Review Essay Grade Rubric before you submit your essay. Aim to meet the highest level of satisfactory completion of each goal.

The book is online on my blackboard. I will give you the login of my blackboard.