Short Case Analysis and Perceptual Map –

Short Case Analysis and Perceptual Map –

Business Finance –

1. Pick a company of your choosing.

2. Do a short case analysis of the situation.

3. Explain why you chose to compare the two product characteristics that you will use to construct a perceptual map.

4. Craft, write, a position statement that might be put in an ad promoting the two product characteristics above.

5. Construct a perceptual map of the situation.

For the short case part: write a summary, a page should do, of the company’s product and situation. In other words, what is the product, what is the reason(s) why people buy it. What are the benefits, satisfaction of needs, that people want from it?

For example: an automobile: There are a different reasons why different people buy it, looks cool, goes fast, is the safest car, roomy for kids, sport with only 2 seats, low price, prestige ego price, highest quality, etc. Apply this reasoning to the company and products it makes/sells. Meaning, what’s a reason to buy it.

Once decided on a company and product, and reason to buy it, then consider 3 or 4 of its competitors. How do you rate, measure, value, etc. the competitors’ product on the same rating, measuring, valuing, reason consideration that you used for the company that you chose to compare to these competitors?

Then construct a perceptual map with 2 of the reasons why someone buys the product. Then add to the map the 3 or 4 competitors comparing the same reasons why someone might buy.

simple words and sentence structure.