service marketing – quiestion below –

service marketing – quiestion below –

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Service blueprint report

The purpose of this assignment is for course participants to develop a thorough understanding of service blueprinting. Your mission is to employ service blueprinting to analyze the service process for a local company and to graphically capture the process on paper.

Prepare a service blueprint for a service process for a service organization of your choice. The blueprint will describe an existing service process associated with a company. Apply the concepts covered in chapter 5, 8, 12 as well as other course concept and any additional research or readings. Insights revealed by the blueprints as well as recommendations for service improvement based on your analysis will be included as part of the assignment.

almost half of the report is done and the there are some part that is not done I have to do which are Marketing, Human resource and operation . I attached a doc and highlighted the parts that needs to be done.

Discussion of use of blue print in marketing, human resources, and operations in this organization

-Includes external supports from peer reviewed academic journals.

The company link is :

Please take a look at it and read the sample report -bakery- and complete the actual report and read it carfully

The textbook is attached