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Use the following article for the case study paper.

Case Study – What Makes a Leader? – by Daniel Goleman – HRB – May 1998


  1. First, give a brief summary of the article. Describe the details of the article. I am looking for your analysis of the article, not a commentary or analysis from the experts. (This can be one page)
  2. Make an argumenton “What makes a leader?” Do you believe leaders are born? Or is becoming a leader something that must be learned? Or a combination of both?
  3. Can Emotional Intelligence be learned? How does E.I. fit into becoming a leader? How can understanding your own E.I. help you to be a better leader?
  4. Feel free to include any of “The Five Components of Emotional Intelligence at Work,” which is listed in the article.
  5. Support your recommendations and use one reference in addition to the article. (This can also be one page)

Summary papers should have a minimum of 2-pages, but no more than 5-pages. Papers should be double-spaced.

Include a title page with your name, date, class title and number, instructor’s name, title of case study and author.

Ensure all pages are numbered (or the cases will be returned to you).

Note: “Back up” or support any comments, statements or claims you make with reference. Again, put at least one “reference” or “citation” in the paper. Please use APA style for writing.

Use a minimum of 2 references in your paper. Note: you can use or E.I. 2.0 book as a references.

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case study is attached here