Saint Mary’s Geological Features of Gros Morne National Park Paper –

Saint Mary’s Geological Features of Gros Morne National Park Paper –

Mathematics –

First – You must work with the location, rock sample, or whatever your initial blog was about.

You must include your image from the first post. You include additional images (but they must be yours) if you find your original is not up to the task now.

Content – You must elaborate on your post relating it to the concepts and processes we covered in the course.
For example – if your original post was about a beach you would then describe the type of sediment found on the beach, and you could relate this to the energy level of this area. You could talk about the nearshore area – is it a steep or shallow gradient, how does this relate to the energy level? What about erosion – is there any of that occurring. You could even talk about the type of mineral or rock fragments of the sediment. Similarly if your post was about a rock you would describe they rock, its mineralogy, any weathering, etc. and try to relate it to the rocks exposed in the area. We have covered a lot of material on processes, minerals, rocks, weathering and so on in the course so you should not lack for source material.

Do not copy or quote material from the internet! Basically you are making observations and interpretations – part of the Scientific Method. You can obviously refer to the lectures and your textbook to help you understand what you are describing but it must be your words.

Length – I want one page of 12pt double spaced text. I encourage you to include pictures – it must contain at least your original image – but these do not count as part of the length. You should write this first as a Word file so you get the length and formatting correct.

Those are the require, so this work total need 1-1.5 page. The pictures is already upload.

Those pictures are take from Gros Morne National Park, Remember don’t need any reference.