RSSS315 University of Arizona Vampire Tales Discussion –

RSSS315 University of Arizona Vampire Tales Discussion –

Writing –

response of at least 150 words

Be sure to back up your opinion by citing scenes from the relevant reading / films.

Topics (Choose only one!):

1. Both “Carmilla” and “Christabel” contain female vampires in tales about same-sex romance and lust. Compare and contrast these tales in your discussion, paying attention to 19th century gender roles. Does the female vampire serve as a metaphor in these stories? What would such a romance look like in the 21st century–or, conversely, what kind of relationship would require the use of a vampire metaphor?

Le Fanu, Carmilla Pages 70-107 and 132-137) attached


2. Describe the evolution of the vampire as a symbol of masculine power and sexual attraction from Polidori’s “The Vampyre” to Stoker’s “Dracula.” In what ways are Count Dracula and Lord Ruthven similar in a) the way other male characters react to them and b) the female characters react to them? How do the characters in these stories encapsulate–or defy–19th century gender roles and concepts of sexuality?

Vampyre attached