Richland College Presidency of John F Kennedy Annotated Bibliography –

Richland College Presidency of John F Kennedy Annotated Bibliography –

Humanities –

For your first writing assignment, you will be preparing an annotated bibliography of at least 5 scholarly articles, websites, books, or chapters that cover a theme relevant to American history, with proper citations. The theme does not have to be restricted to the period of this course, but may encompass the entirety of American history. You may choose a film, documentary or drama, but you must include in your annotated bibliography how it is applicable to your research and its shortcomings.

An annotated bibliography means that each reference must have a brief (250-300 words) abstract summarizing the gist of the article, book, etc., including the author’s methods and conclusions. Some articles may have an abstract included – your abstract must NOT be copied directly from that, but should be in your own words. You may write informally with the goal of informing the reader what the article is about, so they can decide if it is worth reading or relevant to their research.

This assignment will challenge you to find, analyze and summarize resources to begin deeper research on a topic.

Some sample themes include:

  • Native American Experiences with European Settlers
  • Salem Witch Trials
  • Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
  • The American Revolution
  • Life in the Antebellum South
  • Politics of the 19th Century
  • The Debate and Compromises Over Slavery
  • Medicine in the American Civil War
  • Industrialization in 19th Century America
  • Social Reforms in American History
  • Labor Movements and Unionization
  • Women’s Suffrage/Women’s Rights
  • American Involvement in World War II
  • Psychological Impact of the First World War
  • The Great Depression
  • Conscription in American Wars
  • Controversies of the Cold War
  • The Presidency of John F. Kennedy
  • Major Battles of the Second World War
  • Manifest Destiny and the Oregon Trail
  • Operation Overlord/Allied Invasion of Normandy
  • Immigrant Experience in American History
  • The Civil Rights Movement

For reference on how to create an annotated bibliography, please refer to this website: