Response to discussion post minimum 100 words –

Response to discussion post minimum 100 words –

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Student paper down below:

One of the most compelling topics for me was the phase 2 individual project on crime and chemical abuse. From this project I learned a lot about user related crimes, economic and system related crimes. I was also intrigued by the phase 3 discussion board because I was able to relate based on some of my personal experiences. I found the Phase 4 IP to be compelling as well. In fact, doing research on how chemical addiction can negatively affect the body makes me proud that I have the will not to engage in substance abuse. However, I have family members who do abuse drugs and alcohol and it does negatively impact the family. It’s even come down to where I had to separate myself from that individual because it’s too overwhelming. This situation reminds of the Bowens Theory about how one person’s actions can negatively impact the actions of the other family members.

Participating in discussion boards allowed me to express my thoughts and opinions and see other perspectives. I also learned it allows you to give and receive important information that may have been missed. Participating in discussions helped me a lot pertaining to subjects I weak in. It also opens doors for educational debates and constructive criticism. In addition, you communicate with and receive constructive feedback from your instructor pushing further research.

One approach that could have yielded valuable information is not viewing the live chats. The live chats are where you get most of the valuable information besides the e book. Another approach which could have yielded valuable information is not asking your instructor for help when needed. Unfortunately, I didn’t participate as much as I should have so I think I missed a lot regarding discussion boards. I also feel you can miss out on important information by not doing the homework, exploring the library and its resources, MUSE, and other learning materials pertaining to the class. At this point, I think I have a pretty good understanding of the material, however, I will continue to read through the chapters of my e book over the summer.