Reading the Anthropocene into Art History- COURSE FIGHTER |

Reading the Anthropocene into Art History- COURSE FIGHTER |


  • Write a review of two exhibitions that we have visited in the first portion of the course.
  • Your text should be 1250 words.
  • Size 12 font, double spaced.
  • Please include citations and images of the exhibition. Here is a guide of questions for you to consider when writing your review: Part 1: Exhibitions
  • – Introduce the exhibitions.
  • – What is the focal point of the exhibitions?
  • – In what ways are the categories of ecology, nature, and, or environment considered? Part 2: Art work
  • – When and where did the artist(s) produce the work? Is there any pertinence to this?
  • – What is the subject or content of the work presented?
  • – How is the work displayed? Is this significant?
  • – Does the artist adhere to the particular aesthetic processes or strategies belonging to the conceptualization of the Anthropocene?
  • – In what ways can the work be read anthropocentrically? Part 3: Culture
  • – Is there any information about the social, cultural and or geographical context that will assist the reader in an understanding the anthropocentric context of the work?
  • – What can we learn from these exhibitions in terms of how culture contributes to a discussion of an environment in crisis? Part 4: Evaluate

– Using the theoretical ideas emerging from an aesthetics of the Anthropocene that you have been introduced to, evaluate the exhibition in terms of its conceptual remit.

There are two exhibitions, i will post all of the photos about these two exhibitions. Please write an essay about it. Please carefully review all the picture i took. All the requirements are following. If you have any question, pleases ask me.

All of the picture are in the google drive. The link is following:…