read the power pointe and watch the video and write the reflection this is about HRM –

read the power pointe and watch the video and write the reflection this is about HRM –

Business Finance –

Please write about 1 and half pages, will be in APA, just follow the instruction THANK YOU

Your chapter readings this week speaks about policy and government agencies that are put in place to better protect the employees in any type of job. These are acronyms that we have all heard of but may not have any experience with: EEOC and OSHA. When I was thinking about the best way to deliver this content, my experience with the Wynn Resort & the Le Reve show came to mind. That was by far the most dangerous job I have ever had & safety was our mission for us and all others in the production everyday! This week we have a unique opportunity to share as former employees of the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas. I will discuss the show & the safety/OSHA standards and two of my colleagues will share their pregnancy discrimination case with us that has just settled after the last 7 years!!

  • In your reflection, please share your thoughts of what stood out to you from the information presented as it relates to the readings in your textbook. Also, feel free to share if you have experienced any work-related issues with OSHA, EEOC, or even worker’s comp.

First, I will need to do some set up to help you understand the job that myself and these ladies performed during our time at Le Reve Production at The Wynn Resort in Las Vegas. I will show a 4 minute video that will help you understand the difficulties of our jobs as Scuba Diver Technicians. Then I will discuss the behind the scenes a bit and incorporate the OSHA standards and training we were a part of on a daily basis (approx 13 mins). We will then hear the stories from two divers who have just recently settled their case against the Wynn for Pregnancy Discrimination.