read and answer –

read and answer –

Business Finance –

1. Read Chapter 1: “Testing your Career Savvy” of the textbook.

a. Complete Exercise #1: “First Impressions” on page 4. Include your answers to this exercise in your assignment submission

2. Read Chapter 2 of the textbook- “Building your Career Success Profile”

3. Review the video on self-conceptSelf-Concept lecture video (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
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. You can also refer to the posted PowerPoint slides.

4. Complete the following exercises from chapter 2 of the textbook portion of the assignment:

a. Exercise #1 “Past Actions and Influences” – pgs. 19-20

b. Exercise #6 “Building your Success Profile” – pg. 37

When completing this part of the assignment, use “affirmations/success factors” from the chapter in the text to answer the questions – do not make up your own. You will not be given credit if you make up your own.