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Have We Spoiled Consumers?

“If you want to understand how the worldwide quality movement has benefited consumers, just look at automobiles. What used to be considered a luxury option is now just standard,” said one quality manager. “That is precisely the problem,” said another quality manager, “We have spoiled the consumer. Now customers will never be happy no matter what we do.”

Join this debate. Discuss your opinion concerning the following questions?

1. What features in the modern automobile are customer driven?

2. Henry Ford once said something to the effect that the customer can have any color Model T they want, as long as it’s black. How did the world evolve from Henry Ford’s attitude toward customers to the modern attitude of customer-driven quality?

3. Are global consumers spoiled and unrealistic in their expectations, or are they finally demanding their rights in the marketplace?

4. How has the worldwide demand for quality driven the concept of innovation? How has innovation driven demand for quality?

Are Customers Really Loyal?

“I’ll stick with you through thick and thin,” or “What have you done for me lately?” Which best describes the attitude of customers in today’s marketplace?

Two quality managers are debating the concept of customer loyalty. One of them, Jack Hayes, claims that customer loyalty does exist, that it can be won, and that winning a customer’s loyalty should be every organization’s goal. According to Jack, “If you have a history of satisfying a customer, he will be loyal enough to overlook an occasional bad experience.” “No way,” says Anna Cage. “It takes only one bad experience to lose a customer.”

  • You are a customer. Are you loyal to any organizations? If so, how many bad experiences will it take to overcome your loyalty?
  • Have you ever decided to withhold your business from a store, restaurant, or other service provider based on poor service or poor products?
  • Do you usually give an organization more than one chance to win your business, or is one bad experience all it takes to lose your loyalty?
  • Do you feel companies mold their quality management systems based on customer feedback?


Tie together the above two (2) scenarios.

Compose an APA-style paper in response to the prompt below that addresses each of the questions. Your paper will be a reflection on your selection and will consist of a well-written 750 to 1000-word essay. Collect and analyze data from the library and/or the Internet to support your original ideas. Use at least 3 different sources, not including your textbook that are current, i.e. within the last 5 years.

Consult the grading rubric in the Faculty & Course Info section to ensure you are meeting the assignment’s criteria.