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Kiran, D.R. (2016). Total Quality Management: Key Concepts and Case Studies, 1st Edition, Butterworth-

Heinemann, 2016. ISBN-13: 978-0128110355

chapter 13

respond to these in 100 words each:

Recruiting has changed drastically within recent years. There was a time when help wanted ads whether in print or online was the best way to recruit. There are employers who still use this method and it does work to some extent. The issue with putting a position ad out is that everyone can see the ad and apply for the position. It does not matter whether the person is in the field that the job is being offered or if the person is even qualified. Some websites make it easy to mass apply to various jobs at one time to increase the chances of being noticed and possibly land that interview.

The flaws here are many and do not benefit the employer or prospective employee. The most significant cost is time. The time the employer has to take in sifting through the applicants ruling out applications that are not worthy of an interview and then setting up interviews and conducting them with enough time given to the prospective employee that the employer feels they can make an educated decision with regard to hiring.

With limited time and labor budget constraints it is even more imperative now that the process be more streamlined and efficient. It must also be as effective as possible so that the best candidate for the position is chosen and training can be completed in the shortest amount of time possible so that the hired employee can begin work. This was the case recently when the company hired a manager to lead a retail store and because due diligence was not performed with regard to reference checking and researching the candidate, there were consequences for the company. The newly hired member of management had little real experience and had, at best, fabricated previous experience and outright lied about the extent of their education as well.

It is crucial to reference check and to ask open ended questions during the interview as well as to references that are able to expand upon the character of the prospective employee. Previous employers are often legally unable to provide the necessary details of employment that would assist in providing the full picture of a job candidate. From the reading this week it seems that conducting high quality interviews of the candidate and references is crucial to avoiding harmful hiring as well as deep diving into topics during the interview process.

The article I found and referenced points to things a company can do to proactively attract the right candidates. With social media being a real avenue for job seekers and employers that can be leveraged to advertise and attract talent, the key is to make sure the company is desired as a place to work first and foremost. Recruitment marketing is important as is having a person or department that focuses on this on a regular basis. The image of a company is also important to maintain as it is easier to have prospective employees to search out the company than the other way around. It is cost effective and saves time when company’s have their choice of an influx of candidates from which to chose. This is only possible if the company has a positive image and is a desired employer.

and this

I found it interesting that your organization used this type of practice. I have been a part of similar organizations that had this type of practice. It was an older organization that did a lot of business in the past by using a handshake. But let’s bring Chapter 13 into the conversation. Can we associate a cost here as it relates to quality. I would argue that we can as there are specifics that relate to section 8.4. Would you agree or were there other practices and procedures in place to prevent this from happening? Please share your thoughts.