Purchase Material Management Disucssion Question – coursefighter.com

Purchase Material Management Disucssion Question – coursefighter.com

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Discuss three (3) legal and three (3) ethical considerations that you deem most important to your company or organization when forming a strategic alliance with a supplier.

  • Six short paragraphs (4-5 sentences each) to explain each of the considerations.

Explain which one (1) of the evaluation methods in Chapter 13 is most appropriate to use by a small business. State your rationale.

  • One to two paragraphs (5-7 sentences each)

Describe the strategic technology-based alliances of Amazon or Dell Computer eStore, and describe the competitive advantage to both and/or multiple businesses of the alliance.

  • One to two paragraphs (7-10 sentences each)

Weekly Discussions

Your initial post should break down each questions into multiple parts and provide a minimum of a 5-7 sentence paragraph to discuss each part of the discussion question. If the question has three different parts to it, your responses should consists of at least three paragraphs. It is recommended that you provide a general overview of the topic, provide an answer to the discussion questions and follow it up with the explanation and rationale of how/why you came to that answer. Multiple questions should be answered individually and in detail. Break up different areas of the discussion using proper paragraph format. Use the discussions to learn about the topic and prepare for your quizzes/exams.

You must read and respond to a minimum of (1) student’s post per Discussion Thread. Your response to the student’s post is worth 30% of the overall DB assignment grade. Your response should consist of approximately 150-200 words and meet the criteria in the rubric. Note: Any information that is directly cited or paraphrased must be properly cited and referenced in accordance with the 6th edition APA Manual. This includes your initial post and responses to other students. Use the DBs to hone your APA skills.

*note: discussion boards are considered weekly participation and cannot be made up after the discussion week has ended.