PSYFP7210 Capella Adolescence Development Identity vs Role Confusion Case Paper –

PSYFP7210 Capella Adolescence Development Identity vs Role Confusion Case Paper –

Humanities –

This paper has already been started and turned in for first attempt. I now need help with second attempt implementing writing from instructors feedback

Create and analyze a 1–2-page simulated case study of an adolescent with developmental challenges. Then, create a 5–7-page intervention plan based on evidence-based strategies that have proven effective in similar cases and make projections of possible long-term impacts that current challenges may produce across the individual’s lifespan.

Part 1: Create the Case: Adolescence

Create a simulated case study, relevant to your area of specialization, of an adolescent who presents developmental challenges related to Erikson’s age- or stage-related milestones expected at his or her age.

Part 2: Adolescent Case Intervention Analysis


Complete the following:

  • Research evidence-based interventions that have been effective in meeting the challenges of the adolescent you described in your case study, from the perspective of your own professional specialization (as far as possible).
    • Explain how the deficits in the social-emotional developmental domain impact development.
    • Explain how the environmental contexts impact development.
    • State the recommended interventions that align with your specialization.
    • Include evidence for those recommendations and outcomes from the professional literature.
  • Explore briefly the literature on adult identity and self-concept, considering that early influences can impact development across the lifespan.
    • Explain, from the perspective of your specialization, how the identity issues (for example, Erikson’s theoretical perspective) that emerged in adolescence could be manifested in adulthood.
    • Explain how this might help in understanding and determining an approach to working with an adult with a history of identity issues.