Psychosocial Factors and Psychosocial Intervention- COURSE FIGHTER |

Psychosocial Factors and Psychosocial Intervention- COURSE FIGHTER |

Question 1 (90 marks) 1200 – 1320 Words

The launch of Mental Health Blueprint in 2006 provided the opportunity for increased awareness of psychological aspects of abnormal behaviour in Singapore. This report showcased a variety of initiatives with an emphasis on improving awareness of mental health and shifting the existing system from a largely institution-based model towards a community-based model of care. With increasing awareness of psychological aspects of abnormal behaviour, a complex relationship between psychosocial factors and psychopathology is evident.

a) Examine the psychosocial factors prevalent in Singapore that may affect the psychological functioning. (20 marks) (200-320 words)

  • Explain factor that leads to the psychological disorder
  • Eg: Psychological – Behavioral and cognitive factors(learned helplessness, imitation, observation, prepared learning, implicit memory)
  • Eg: Social – Friends and family, social learning, gender, social stigma and superstitious behavior

b) Discuss the role of psychosocial factors in the etiology of the psychopathology in Singapore, with reference to two disorders. (35 marks) (500 words)

  • Eg of 2 disorders: Depression and Eating Disorders
  • How does psychosocial vulnerability leads to disorder? – Eg: how does psychosocial factors (eg, stress, learned helplessness, negative cognitive style, marital relations) leads to depression and eating disorder?
  • Apart from psychosocial factors, describe how diathesis – stress model and gene environment correlation model (if applicable) leads to disorder, with reference to two disorders?

c) Determine the role of psychosocial interventions/treatment in the prevention of psychopathology. (35 marks) (500 words)

Note: A minimum of 3 academic journal articles published from 2009 onwards are required.

The answers must be segregated in terms of a), b) and c)

General advice

A) You are expected to identify the psychosocial factors that influence patients’ mental health functioning. In order to understand patients’ psychosocial difficulties, it is necessary to consider the psychosocial mechanisms that influence the relationship between psychosocial factors and mental health. Interview studies showed that patients’ unique psychosocial functioning is caused by parental overprotection, excessive physical restrictions, and uncertain prognoses. The essay requires you to find out the role of the psychosocial factors in the causes of the any two disorders. Further, you are expected to address the role of psychosocial interventions/treatment to alleviate suffering and promote recovery in the mental health illness.

You have to read widely to discuss how psychosocial functioning influence the mental functioning.

B) You need to provide a Reference List at the end of your assignment (last page), which shows all the references you have cited in your answers, the textbook or any published material like books, journals or periodicals. The references must be presented in APA (American Psychological Association) format.

Textbook: Barlow, David H. & Durand, V. Mark, (2015). Abnormal Psychology: An integrative approach. (7th Edition) Belmont, CA: Wardsworth Cengage

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