PSY 6510 Capstone in Forensic Psychology –

PSY 6510 Capstone in Forensic Psychology –

Humanities –

40 references are attached in a file

Week 7 – Assignment 1: Create a Graphic Representation of your Research


In this assignment, you will construct a chart that organizes your research and allows you to analyze each one across certain key dimensions. See the following example to get an idea of how you can prepare such a chart. You may need to add categories to your chart, appropriate for your own research. Organize the chart in a logical way—for example, by date of research, by program or intervention you are studying, or by any other criterion—which makes sense for your particular literature review. Use color-coding within the chart as an additional organization tool.

(The following chart is an example of how you might prepare a chart; the entries in the chart are hypothetical, not real.)

Chart Organization Example

Length: 1-2 pages, not including reference pages; 30-40 articles