Problems in the Pay System –

Problems in the Pay System –

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Make sure there is at least 1500 words or more and must be cited with scholarly sources(4).The information below is only another tool to assist with assignment but the needed reading material will be uploaded with this assignment. Please answer each question with at least 500 words or more .

There is a clear difference between lower level evaluations that measure reaction (Did you like the training?) versus application (Will you use the training and apply to the job for better performance?). This concept was well outlined by the work of Donald Kirpatrtrick. Here is a website where you can review this approach to deciding on what level of training to pursue: Check it out.

Case Study: Compensation
Problems in the Pay System
Read the case titled, “Problems in the Pay System” and related exhibits. Answer the following questions

1. Are the CCUA department’s current pay practices concerning data processor IIs and computer analysts Is externally equitable (i.e. competitive)? Explain your answer.

2. What specific action, if any, do you recommend be taken now? Be specific and justify your recommendations as fully as possible.

3. What specific strategies do you recommend for the future so that these types of problems can be anticipated and avoided.

4. As is often the case in business, we typically find that we must make decisions or recommendations on the basis of incomplete, imperfect information. What additional information in this situation would have enabled you to improve the quality of your recommendations?

5. Given your response to Question 4 how would the implementation of a Pay for Performance Compensation System impact your overall Compensation Strategy? This will support Chapter Eleven.