Powerpoint Presentation on Skeletal System- COURSE FIGHTER | coursefighter.com

Powerpoint Presentation on Skeletal System- COURSE FIGHTER | coursefighter.com

I need a final draft of a power point presentation. Here is what I have so far and the teachers feed back is below. Follow the Rubric exactly and make all the suggested changes from the teachers feedback. Please add or edit anything that will improve the information and or look of the presentation. If you add or change any info please add or change citations and reference page to match.

Teacher Feedback:

Great rough draft, Summer. Perfect citations!

Some suggestions:

slide 1 put course number and name (I will do this later don’t worry about that)

slide 2 title should be “Overview of The Skeletal System”

slide 3 Title should be “Divions of the Skeletal System”….you need to add info about the axial and appendicular parts and the bones in each

slide 4 REMOVE THIS SLIDE…out of place no relevant

slide 5 Anatomy should include description of compact and spongy bone, types of bones, how ligaments are made and attach to bones….muscles are NOT part of this system but only attach to it via tendons, how bone is different from cartilage
slide 6 good…see if you can decrease the size of the diagram in slide 8 to include it here

slide 7 there are some repeats here from slide 6 so rework these

slide 9 this is where the differences in compact bone and spongy bone, cartilage, various cells found in bone should be put….the info before is just a repeat

slide 10 and 11 good for relationships…find diagrams for those statements

slide 12 can call this INTERESTING FACTS

slide 13 title DISORDER OF SKELETAL SYSTEM:Osteoporosis…find pix to show what happens to the bone.