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Powerpoint About the Philippines – coursefighter.com

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1. Introduction: Provide a brief overview of the region you selected including a map of the location. Minimum number slides 2 (10 points).

2. Climate: Describe the typical climate of the area and including: average temperatures, total precipitation, major seasons and any extreme weather events that affect the region. Minimum 2 slides (10 points).

3. Ecology: Describe the ecosystem for the region including: the biome classification, description of dominant vegetation and wildlife. Minimum 2 slides (10 points)

4. Population: Describe the human population for the region. Include: 1. a brief history of the settlement of the area and 2. describe the current human occupation. Minimum 2 slides (10 points).

5. Agriculture: Describe agriculture for the region. If you selected an urban area, describe where food is grown and transportation of food to the urban area. Otherwise describe the type of agriculture for the region, crops grown, growing season, etc. as well as effects of agriculture on the local ecosystem. Minimum 2 slides (10 points)

6. Water Resources: Include: Coastal or inland, freshwater for the region (lakes and rivers), groundwater, and water use by the population (e.g. household, industry, agriculture). Minimum 2 slides (10 points)

7. Energy: Describe major energy sources used by the human population. Discuss fossil fuel use as well as any green or renewable energy sources. Describe the effects of energy consumption on the region. Minimum 2 slides (10 points)

8. Environmental effects on culture: Describe how the environment of the region has shaped and affected the human population. Include: type of housing, type of dress, settlement patterns (rural or urban, agricultural or industrial, developed or undeveloped, etc.), and use of resources such as water, fuel, soil, forest, etc.. For example, is your region a desert? How has this shaped the culture as far as housing, resource use, and agriculture? Is it a rainforest? How have the people adapted to the unique conditions for that environment? Minimum 3 slides (20 points)

9. Human population effects on the environment: Describe how the human population of the region has shaped and changed the environment. This is region specific and can include such topics as pollution, over-population, agriculture, water use/misuse, deforestation, desertification, etc.. For example, is your region polluted? Deforested? Heavily populated? Completely altered due to agriculture? Minimum 3 slides (20 points)

10, Conclusion: summarize the presentation, wrap up main points, and include any additional interesting facts. Minimum 1 slide (10 points).

11. References: list all references used for the presentation (minimum 5). Reference need to be in either APA or MLA format and MUST include the following information to receive full credit: 1. Author (if no author is listed, list publisher), 2. Year of publication, 3.Title, 4. Name of journal, magazine or publisher, 5. website url if found online. Minimum 1 slide. (10 points)

20 additional points for overall presentation and organization. Each slide should include visual references such as pictures, maps, graphs, etc. to help tell the story for your region. Try to limit the amount of text. Remember this is a presentation, not a paper. Bullet points with main information should be used.