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Post Response to be Enlightening and Compelling- COURSE FIGHTER |

You just basically responding to the student of what you found enlightening and compelling.

Student paper down below:

I enjoyed this entire class honestly It made me look at things from a lot of different prospective. One thing that has really stuck with me throughout this class in the discrimination that someone in law enforcement can have on a race or a culture. I think its very sad that we still go through that today honesty with all of the advancements we have made with other things in America. I think we are falling behind still when it is hidden prejudice honestly. Its really sad in the world we live in today because so many people have fought for the rights of others and there is still a fight going on now with all of the new laws and different things people deem to be socially unacceptable because of what they believe about the old day or whats in the Bible. It shocks me still how bias a judge can be even after going to school to protect and service this very system that fails so many people everyday.

I have learned that diversity and inclusion is still a fight in the world today. Its a fight because we have to learn how to but personal judgment to the side because it can blind us from what the real problem is in front of us. I talk about this because the discussion board about the two men really did something to me. As well as the discussion board about the officer placing judgment on a college student and leaving him there hopeless after taking his car apart. These things sicken me because criminals can be any shape, size, race, religion, or color. This also scares me because what if something like this were to happen to me as a young black African american.

I dont have any additional question I think this class was great. What I love the most about every class are the discussion boards they give you a different prospective to go off of sometimes. They also make you think about the other side of things as well. It makes you feel about of a real conversation seeing that we are online. It always gives me a sense of connection with my classmates and professor that helps me go on. I wish you all well in your future career goals.