Post 8 and 9 –

Post 8 and 9 –

Business Finance –

M5 – Assignments

This module’s work focuses on Service Innovation and Service Standards.

For this module, complete the following.

1. For each chapter covered in this module:

– Review the Chapter Topics, Chapter Objectives and PowerPoint slides.

– Study the chapter in the text/e-text. Make notes, highlight, and review anything that you think might be important.

3. Take the module quiz. You are allowed two attempts. If you use both attempts, your score will be the average of the two.

4. Submit Services Marketing Journal Posts 8 and 9.

5. Review the instructions for your second course project, the Service Blueprint. Create and submit Part 1: the graphical part of your service blueprint for the service you are using in your Service Marketing Journal.

Chapter 8 Topics

• Challenges of Service Innovation and Design

• Important Considerations for Service Innovation

• Types of Service Innovations

• Stages in Service Innovation and Development

• Service Blueprinting: A Technique for Service Innovation and Design

• Technology Spotlight: eBay: A Radical Service Innovation

• Global Feature: The Global Service Innovation Imperative

• Strategy Insight: Strategic Growth through Services

Chapter 8 Objectives

1. Describe the challenges inherent in service innovation and design.

2. Present an array of different types of service innovations, including service offering innovation, innovating around customer roles, and innovation through service solutions.

3. Discuss the importance of engaging customers and employees and employing service design thinking in service innovation.

4. Present the stages and unique elements of the service innovation and development process.

5. Demonstrate the value of service blueprinting as a technique for service innovation and design and how to develop and read service blueprints.

Chapter 9 Topics

• Factors Necessary for Appropriate Service Standards

• Types of Customer-Defined Service Standards

• Development of Customer-Defined Service Standards

• Technology Spotlight: The Power of Good Responsiveness Standards

• Global Feature: Adjusting Service Standards around the Globe

• Strategy Insight: When is the Strategy of Customization Better Than Standardization?

Chapter 9 Objectives

1. Distinguish between company-defined and customer-defined service standards.

2. Differentiate among “hard” and “soft” customer-defined service standards and one-time fixes.

3. Explain the critical role of the service encounter sequence in developing customer-defined standards.

4. Illustrate how to translate customer expectations into behaviors and actions that are definable, repeatable, and actionable.

5. Explain the process of developing customer-defined service standards.

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