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Key Points

As a discussion, answer a straight to the point response to the following.

Should identify some of the factors that impact police discretion and describe if/how they should be limited.

Objective: Describe police discretion and its advantages and disadvantages.

It goes without saying that discretion is an integral element of effective law enforcement and arguments about limiting discretion have two distinctive sides. In terms of administrators, they realize the importance of discretion but at the same time fear it. Of course, those same administrators used discretion extensively earlier in their career, but that was them.
If there is too much discretion there is greater risk of abuse. What that could relate to is liability and potential law suits. It is the role of administrators and managers to enforce the law and to protect their community from any torts that discretion could expose them to. If the use of discretion is limited the ability of the system to function in an orderly manner is significantly impacted for a variety of reasons. It has also been suggested that limiting discretion could have a positive impact on controlling corruption

This Unit’s Question

Should police discretion be limited? If so, how?