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participation class- COURSE FIGHTER |

Leadership Theory

1. I would like for you to search the web for a past episode of Undercover Boss (there are some episodes on Youtube) and watch a partial or full episode. I would like for you to assess and acknowledge the changes in leadership of the boss undercover and how they implement a reassessment’s based on their experience.

(If you have watched an episode in the past, please feel free to use your memory)

What are your overall thoughts on the purpose of this show?

2. I like the idea of having mentors within an organization. Especially when the track for growth is so clear and deliberate. In some organizations it is very hard to move up the ladder and with mentors, I think it offers a more supportive approach to seeing this happen. What other benefits can come from a mentor?

3. Many times when you are a member of large organizations, you will find that leaders, on different levels, will hold these town hall meetings where they address the state of the company. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these types of meetings for lower level employees?

4. This week we will cover a lot of different leadership theories due to the number of theories that have been established over the years. What are the most popular theories and why? When looking at theories, why is there a need to continue to identify more theories? What is a limit on theories before we start to say all leaders are different?

Chapter 3

1. What are the similarities and differences between the trait and behavior approaches to leadership?

2. What are the major assumptions of the contingency approach to leadership?

3. the older film titled trading places with Eddie Murphy. The fact that absolutely anyone, given the right circumstances or tools, can be successful in any setting. If this is the case, why in America, do we not provide equal tools to our kids in every school system? Do we not want/need everyone to have the ability and/or equipment to be a leader?

Chapter 7

1. What is the impact of individual characteristics on behavior?

Please answer a total of 8 questions with a word count of 70.