Outsourcing affect on American Jobs and Econmy – coursefighter.com

Outsourcing affect on American Jobs and Econmy – coursefighter.com

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This is part of a project and i need to focus on the particular topics below:

– NAFTA influence on U.S. outsourcing

– How does American outsourcing compare to Singapore or south Korea? Is it better or worse

– How does the US benefit from other countries with large outsourcing? Short term and long term.

– How was General Electric able to stop outsourcing and bring back operations to the U.S.?

-Will the continued practice of outsourcing by major corporations eventually destroy the U.S. economy?

1800 words

8 sources

Do aim for originality, creativity, innovation, and outside the box thinking

Follow APA guidelines

Do use lots of examples and citations

Literature Review

-Research and review the literature.

-Cite QUALITY sources including:  Websites (i.e. the economist, Forbes, world bank)  Quality articles, book authors, textbooks ,theories, publications, surveys, studies, or academic journals

-Discuss qualitative and quantitative facts, data, statistical examples,

and findings.

-Compare and contrast weaknesses and strengths


-Did you find any gaps and opportunities? Well, you are the MBA consultant, defend you viewpoint/thesis

-Make recommendations for solutions to your topic /problem

-Implement pragmatic thinking: discuss best practices

-Backup your recommendations by providing supportive examples